The club is affiliated with the EKKA (English Korean Karate Association) who set prices for Gradings, Competitions, Syllabus and EKKA clothing. Many items such as clothing, equipment and syllabus can be purchased on this site via the shop. The club can also provide Northgate club branded items such as bags, clothing, grading books, etc.


  • Red Dragons (4 to 7 yrs old) 30 minute class = £5.00
  • Juniors (7 to 16 yrs old) 60 minute lesson = £5.50
  • Adults (16 yrs+) 60 minute lesson = £6.00
  • Juniors (7 to 16 yrs old) and Adults (16 yrs+) 2 hour lesson = £10.00


Gradings occur throughout the year as indicated in the calendar. Grading fees need to be supplied in cash on the day of the grading and vary depending on the belt you are looking to achieve as shown below:
Juniors & Adults

12th KyuRed£30.00
11th KyuYellow£30.00
10th KyuYellow-Orange£30.00
9th KyuOrange£40.00
8th KyuOrange-Green£40.00
7th KyuGreen£40.00
6th KyuGreen-Blue£50.00
5th KyuBlue£50.00
4th KyuPurple£65.00
3rd KyuBrown£75.00
2nd KyuBrown-White£85.00
1st KyuBrown-Black£100.00

Red Dragons

1st MonWhite-Red£12
2nd MonWhite-Yellow£12
3rd MonWhite-Orange£14
4th MonWhite-Green£16
5th MonWhite-Blue£18
6th MonWhite-Purple£20
7th MonWhite-Brown£22
8th MonWhite-Black£24

All Belts are £6.00 and can be purchased following a grading on the day subject to availability.

Licenses and Membership

About 4 weeks prior to your current membership/licence expiring please purchase a renewal from the shop.

  • 1 Year Red Dragons Membership Renewal = £25.00
  • 1 Year Juniors Membership Renewal = £25.00
  • 1 Year Adult Membership Renewal = £28.50
  • 1 Year Adults/juniors Licence Renewal = £17.50

Private Lessons

Private lessons with Bill Williams (4th Dan) are also available. Please speak to Bill or your instructor for further details.

  • Red Dragons (4 to 7 yrs old) 30 minute lesson = £30
  • Juniors (7 to 16 yrs old) and Adults (16 yrs+) 30 minute lesson = £30


  • The first introduction lesson is free, so come along and give it a try !!
  • The club will always try and help students with the cost of competitions, summer camp. Please speak to your instructor for further details.
  • Please remember to bring your valid membership and licence to all gradings. See the Calendar for grading dates.
  • Second Hand Equipment (Gi’s, Foot Pads, Hand Pads) are sometimes available. Speak to your instructor for further details.

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