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How do I become a club member?

If you would like to join the club please ask an instructor for a membership form. Fill out the form and hand back to the instructor. Membership prices are detailed in the costs page.

How long does it take to get to Black Belt?

It can take as little as three years to get to Black Belt.

Are there any age limits?

We start with the Red Dragons classes at 4 years of age. The Red Dragon progress to the main class at about 7 years of age. After that there are no limits to the age of our students

How fit do I need to be?

When starting any physical activity it is always a good idea to check with your GP to get the all clear. We cater for all levels for fitness

Where and when do the clubs train?

Please see you clubs page for class details

How are classes paid for?

We operate a pay as you train system, so you just pay each time you attend a class. There will also be an annual membership.

Are classes mixed male/female?

Yes classes are mixed, this also includes adults and juniors. This helps promote the family atmosphere that we are hoping to achieve

How long are classes and what activities are performed in a Karate class?

Red Dragon Classes are 30 minutes in duration, the main classes are one hour. Some special training sessions can be two hours. The list of activities is too long to list here, you are welcome to come along at watch a class at any time.

As a club member can I attend classes at any of the clubs locations?

Northgate & Associated Karate Clubs has several class venues. You can attend any of these as a member.

How frequent are gradings?

For Red Dragons we have 5 gradings per year. For the Main Class 4 gradings per year

How do I renew my membership?

You can download a form from this site or ask your instructor for a form. Once the form is completed return it to your instructor along with the membership fee.

When to I need to renew my membership?

As soon as your current membership runs out.

What clothing should I wear to classes?

Beginners can wear jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. Red Belts and above are required to wear a Blue Club Gi

What safety equipment is required?

Red Dragons will require the following:

  • Hand Pads
  • Foot Pads
  • Gum Shield

Students in the mains classes will require the following:

  • Hand Pads (WKF Approved)
  • Foot Pads and Shin Guards (WKF Approved)
  • Gum Shield
  • Groan Guard
  • Breast Protector (Female students only)

What other training is required to progress to Black Belt?

EKKA Kata Courses, EKKA Technical Courses, Referees Courses. Ask your instructor for details

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